I’m Comedian Jamie Ward



Hi, I’m Jamie Ward, a comedian based in Atlanta, Georgia. My comedy comes straight out of my crazy mixed-up life. I am the Korean adopted son of a father from New York and a mother from Tennessee. I have served in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. I’ve tried acting, modeling, and even bull-riding. I was training to become a professional ballroom dancer when I finally found stand-up comedy.

My confusion in life translates into a comedy style that is forged from a unique background, yet is relatable to anyone who isn’t quite sure where they fit in. My jokes are fast, funny and smart enough to entertain book lovers, yet simple enough for the reality TV crowd.

Since my start in comedy, I have had many great opportunities. I’ve performed in festivals, competitions, and of course at clubs and colleges across the country. In 2011, I was featured on the cover of Atlanta’s Creative Loafing magazine, and profiled with artists from other fields in an article about the eight most interesting figures in Atlanta.

I have been described as one of the fastest-rising comedians to come out of Atlanta. If you haven’t heard of me, it’s only because you’re not watching Comedy Central in the future.

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